A Cannabis-Analytics Engine for the 21st Century

A Cannabis-Analytics Engine for the 21st Century

Super power your lab with free cannabis-testing software made with love and ready for you to plug and play or pop the hood and tinker to your 💖's content.

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Smart Integrations

We believe that everyone benefits when people are able to study and tinker with their software. With the freedom provided by Cannlytics, users, both individually and collectively, control the software and what it does for them.

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Analysis Tailored

Cannlytics provides a user-friendly interface to quickly receive samples, perform analyses, collect and review results, and publish certificates of analysis (CoAs). There are also built in logistics, CRM (client relationship management), inventory management, and invoicing tools.

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Community Driven

Built by scientist for scientists. Cannlytics empowers you with control over the development process, resources, and decision making authority. We believe that the Cannlytics community is the best judge of how Cannlytics can be improved, so, we have entrusted Cannlytics' source code with you.

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Automate your lab. Free your time for science and analysis.

The more mundane tasks that you can automate and execute quickly and efficiently with the Cannlytics Engine, then the more time you have to conduct science and experiments.

Extend, modify, and personalize. Add anything that you need.

An advantage of the Cannlytics Engine over proprietary software solutions is that Cannlytics lets you make modifications as you need because Cannlytics is an open box of free software.

Freedom at your fingertips. It's all yours.

Cannlytics is a system of free software that you can use to power your lab. Cannlytics belongs to you so that you can use the Cannlytics Engine however that you please. Free software lets you operate ethically with the sky as the limit.


Installing the Cannlytics Engine into your lab is as easy as 1, 2, 3. You can simply use an installer or you can clone the source code and follow the included guides. You can quickly configure your installation to perfectly fit your lab.

          git clone https://github.com/cannlytics/cannlytics.git

Plug & Play

Once you have your copy of Cannlytics, you can pick and choose engine components as you need them. Perhaps you need an addition to your existing software. Simply grab what you need and you're free to use it.

from cannlytics import lims

result = lims.get_lab_results(lab_id="xyz")

Cannlytics Portal

If you need a hosted solution, then you can take advantage of the ready to use Cannlytics Portal for hosting, analysis, and data and file storage. You can manage your lab results and provide your clients with a simple yet complete client portal.

Cannlytics API

Do you have a technical staff? Than you can utilize the Cannlytics API to programmatically manage your operations and interface with your data. You have all of your data and the power of all laboratory software at your finger tips.

  analyses: [...],
  lab_id: "cann 001",
  sample_name: "Super Easy",
  results: [...],

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In addition to awesome software, Cannlytics is a free software support business. If you need assistance or desire a fully-managed solution, then you can find a support option suited to you →

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