Dear monied individuals, if you are in need of a venture, then Cannlytics is always looking for win-win opportunities.

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Cannlytics is currently looking for investors who envision a win-win future with the Cannlytics team. Accredited investors* are welcome to email Keegan Skeate at keegan@cannlytics.com to discuss investment terms.

To be "accredited", you need a net worth over $1M or you need an annual income over $200K. About 10% of our community are "accredited" by federal law, however, most don't invest.

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Would you like to help advance cannabis analytics, further data science, and make everyone's lives simpler, easier, and better at the same time? A small sponsorship can go a long way. If you can help sponsor Cannlytics, then we will do our best to make it worth your while.

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