Software Support

In addition to crafting you awesome software, we can meet you where you are and assist you with custom solutions.

Support Options

Explore your Cannlytics support options.


$1,200 / mo.

  • Custom installation
  • Access to admin tools
  • Feature requests
  • Talk with devs


$420 / mo.

  • Metrc integration*
  • Access to dev tools
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Email support

* If Cannlytics is verified with Metrc in your state and your company is licensed. Please check our current validation list and request your state if you do not see your state in the list.

Historic Lab Data Migration

Your laboratory data are valuable to you and your clients, therefore, you can have us work to migrate your historic lab data into a user-friendly format that you can interact with programatically with the Cannlytics API and manage in the Cannlytics Console.

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Consulting and Custom Development

You can employ the Cannlytics team to help you solve any problems at hand. In general, the Cannlytics team is available for $500 per significant feature or for $60 per hour. We are always happy to talk and help you find your best-possible solution.

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