All aboard! The Cannlytics team develops the Cannlytics platform and helps the Cannlytics ecosystem thrive.

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Cannlytics is built with the love of...

These heros who create, make, and deliver your software solutions and support.

Keegan Skeate
Olympia, WA
Keegan is an economist, software developer, and data scientist who cut his chops as a laboratory analyst.
Alice Allafort
San Francisco, CA
Alice graduated with a Physics Ph.D. from Stanford University and is always happy to work on interesting data science projects.
Jeffrey Miller
Olympia, WA
Jeffrey (Jeff) is a customer outreach specialist who revolves around creating value and lives and breathes customer satisfaction.
CannBot does the dirty work, working meticulously around the clock to automate the boring stuff and do the heavy lifting.
Cat the Caterpillar
Cat, the data-pipeline caterpillar, ensures that your data is clean, organized, and gets to where you need it.
Raymond Bentson
Advanced Language Liaison
Olympia, WA
Raymond is experienced in agriculture, international trade, and language services. Raymond is also the founder of Advanced Language Liaison.

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