Economics and Forecasting

Economics, statistics, and forecasting are comparative advantages of ours. You are welcome to utilize our services at low, low prices.

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Economic Analysis

Economics is one of our top comparative advantages. We do great, thorough economic analysis at a price so low that it makes our competitors quake in their boots. Why would you overpay tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars on simple economic analysis that Cannlytics can deliver to you at the fraction of our competitors’ costs.

Economics is simply the study of choice. How, what, where, when, and why your customers will purchase your products, how you can optimally choose vendors or even who to employ, and what is your best business decision given everyone elses’ best business decisions are all questions that economic analysis can help you answer.

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Forecasting Solutions

Prediction is an uncertain science, but we believe that the best forecast for the future is a hell of a lot better than no forecast at all. There is absolutely no need to fly blindly into the future when you can use simple statistical techniques to get a surprisingly good forecast of almost any metric that you can measure.

Cannlytics practices, preaches, and strictly adheres to the 10 commandments of forecasting:

  1. Know what you are forecasting.
  2. Understand the purpose of forecasting.
  3. Acknowledge the cost of the forecast error.
  4. Rationalize the forecast horizon.
  5. Understand the choice of variables.
  6. Rationalize the forecasting model used.
  7. Know how to present the results.
  8. Know how to decipher the forecast results.
  9. Use recursive methods.
  10. Understand that forecasting models evolve over time.

Reference: Silvia, J, Iqbal, A, et. al (2014), `Economic and Business Forecasting’.

If you have key performance indicators (KPIs), market conditions, or anything at all that you would benefit from having a forecast of, then Cannlytics can deliver a forecast to you so fast and at such a low marginal cost that we believe in short time that you’ll be hard pressed to have any data that you don’t want forecasted into the future.

We are always improving our forecasting models, learning from our forecasts, and would be thrilled to integrate automatic forecasting and predictions into your workflow. From our experience, the one thing administrators love more than a Cannlytics economic analysis is an automatic Cannlytics economic analysis with accompanying forecasts arriving promptly in their inbox at the exact same time it always has for weeks on end. We would love to do just that for you and at a price so low it would be crazy not to have a Cannlytics forecasting algorithm (or two or three) in your tool belt, ticking along as steady as can be and giving you a major leg up on your competition.

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