You can utilize Cannlytics to seamlessly interface with state traceability systems.

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Do you have a software solution that requires integration with Metrc? You can utilize the Cannlytics Engine to quickly and easily interface with Metrc. The Cannlytics Engine is powerful and has allowed for Cannlytics to effortlessly become a validated integrator in numerous states. With the Cannlytics Engine you can become validated with Metrc in any state in a matter of hours if not minutes.

Cannlytics is proud of our own products and we utilize the Cannlytics Engine heavily in our own API, app, website, and internal tools. Each engine component is extensively tested and is in use in a live production environment. You can rest easy knowing your software is running on a battle-tested, 100% transparent Metrc interface.

If you need a batteries included solution, then Cannlytics integrates seamlessly with Firebase so that you can have a scalable database and serverless solutions right out of the box. If you decide that you only need certain components, then each engine component is completely modular and you can piece together your ideal distribution or have us build you a tailored built package.

You can use the Cannlytics Engine for each step of the supply chain: from production, processing, and laboratory testing to retail and delivery. The Cannlytics Engine has something to make everyone’s lives simpler, easier, and better.

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