Producers and Processors

If you are a producer or processor needing data analytics, then capitalize on the robust and extensive Cannlytics toolkit for cannabis analytics.

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Producer Analytics

Everything begins with you as you plant your seeds in the soil (or dip your roots into water for those of you who are hydroponic growers!). So, it is of utmost importance to us to help you succeed. Cannlytics is here to support you whatever your needs may be. If you need a data pipeline, a user interface, or even statistics on your massive supply of data, then Cannlytics is here to support you at a price that is reasonable to you. We do not think that valuable statistics should be ignored when we can provide them to you at an astronomically low cost.

As a grower, you have access to countless data points and there are near endless ways that you can learn from your experience and perform better in the future. Cannlytics is here to help you identify key metrics, record and warehouse your data as easily as possible, and create actionable statistics and insights that you can put into play immediately.

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Processor Analytics

As a processor or manufacturer, you have countless ways to optimize in addition to high-stake processes where impeccable quality is critical. Cannlytics has a state-of-the-art suite of quality control tools that you can use in tandem with our industry-best statistics. Cannlytics would be honored to be part of your manufacturing process and help you improve your products and quality control at a negligible cost. You can work with our team today to integrate solid, reliable, and industry-leading quality control and statistical analysis in the best way that you see fit, likely in a matter of hours.

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