Data Troves

We build data pipelines to get data from A to B to Z and back again! You also have open access to our cannabis data treasure troves too. Please pan for gold to your heart's content!

The Cannabis Algorithm Farm

A place for all cannabis folk where algorithms can be published, purchased, and consumed in a decentralized manner that empowers both algorithm suppliers and consumers. Join in on algorithm NFT creation and consumption at The Algorithm Farm!

The Cannabis Data Market

A market where cannabis data can be published, purchased, and consumed in a decentralized manner that empowers both data suppliers and consumers. Open data collection, processing, and analysis readily available for purchase as NFTs.

Statistics as a Service (STaaS)

Employ data scientists and their algorithms to perform advanced statistics, machine learning, or any manner of operation on your data, privately in the cloud, then you exclusively get the results. Statistics as a service, or STaaS, is an effective way to employ (the best) statisticians for their models without revealing sensitive cannabis data.

Data Tools

Note: All data tools are open-source, so, if you notice any shortcomings, then please create an issue for our devs to tackle or tinker on a solution yourself!
Tool Description Price
Certificate of Analysis Parser
Certificates of analysis (CoAs) are abundant for cultivators, processors, retailers, and consumers too, but the data is often locked away. Rich, valuable laboratory data so close, yet so far away! Cannlytics puts these vital data points in your hands by parsing PDFs and URLs, finding all the data, standardizing the data, and cleanly returning the data to you.

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Need more cannabis data?

Cannlytics collects and provides public cannabis data in a standardized, coherent, open, and transparent manner. If you wish to view or make a contribution to the data collection process, then please view the tools the Cannlytics Codebase and all of the work done by the Cannabis Data Science Team.