Data Troves

We build data pipelines to get your data from A to B to Z and back again! You can use our open cannabis data troves too.

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Cannlytics collects and provides public cannabis data in a standardized, coherent, open, and transparent manner. If you wish to view or make a contribution to the data collection process, then please view the tools in the GitHub repository .

State Cannabis Data

States collect and provide various data points to the public. Here Cannlytics attempts to collect and provide access to these data points in a simple, standard manner.

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Recreational Medicinal
Not Permitted
Data Sources
Resident population is published by the U.S. Census Bureau and retrieved from FRED, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Public Cannabis Data

No industry has data like the cannabis industry. You are in a fantastic position to gather and analyze freely available, valuable data that many operators and licensees are leaving laying on the table. There is an open treasure chest of data and Cannlytics has made that easily available to you. At almost no cost, you can tap into the firehose of publicly available cannabis data and learn about more opportunities for improvement than you can imagine. Cannlytics is regularly panning for gold in the data and frequently coming up with true gems of knowledge. Don’t get left behind and join in on the massive gains that Cannlytics is generating at virtually no cost with free, publicly available, insanely valuable data.

From sea to shining sea, Cannlytics has constructed data pipelines to quickly, efficiently, and automatically collect all public data that we can get our paws onto. In general, we believe that software is boring and data is what you’re truly after. At Cannlytics, we put data at the forefront and our software is merely a tool in the means to an end (albeit a damn good tool!).

As you can tell, Cannlytics is mighty proud of our data collection methods and analysis tools. We try to stay humble, so we greatly encourage you to try Cannlytics yourself and see if we may even be understating the true value and benefit that you can yield from the freely available Cannlytics repository of knowledge, tools, and devices. If you mention Cannlytics when you use our tools, then that would be awesome and the least that we ask. Other than that, Cannlytics is free for you to use.

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Regulation Data

Regulations affect everyone in the cannabis industry and with Cannlytics it is easy to stay up-to-date and informed about all of the regulations that affect you. You can be assured that your competitors are doing their best to win regulators to their sides, so, gain an even playing field with publicly available tools that Cannlytics can lay in your lap. Don’t let your competitors and regulators cut you out of the picture. If you’re not at the table, then you’re for lunch. Don’t be another billionaire’s morsel. Sign up for Cannlytics support and we will be at the table defending your share.

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