Statistics as a Service

Open-source statistics that you can consume in the cloud.


SkunkFx is used to predict effects and aromas that may be reported for a given product given its lab results. Simply input cannabinoid and/or terpene data and you will receive a prediction of probable effects and aromas. The cherry on top is that you can report back the actual effects and aromas that characterize your product and the model becomes that much smarter 🤯! So, you can make your predictions better over time if you opt-in to providing feedback. Please explore at your pleasure and, hopefully, you are able to find many clever uses for the statistics.

Big 5 Personality Test

This test provides a score for each of the five fundamental personality traits generally agreed upon by psychologists. The test uses public domain scales from the International Personality Item Pool to generate scores of the 5 traits, ranging from 0 to 1, from 50 scaled questions. The idea is that you can keep track of your personality traits, and when combined with your cannabis purchases, you will have valuable data that you can then get paid for on the data market!

Cultivar Identification

A cannabis connoisseur can recognize the distinct smell of a Jack Herer, Tangie, Gorilla Glue, you name it. Is there variability in life? Yes. Are cannabis strains bunk? Currently, we see the top cultivators and the smartest lawyers in the country filing plant patents to lockdown cannabis strains ahead of legalization. Remember, the magician doesn't want you to see the hand where the magic is actually happening 🪄 There's been noise that lab results and strains don't mean anything. We push back hard as lab results are the key mechanism that the top cultivators and lawyers are using to file plant patents 📜 as you read this. Don't let people sell you hype and miss out on a golden opportunity of a life time!

Need more statistics?

You can employ the best data scientists, statisticians, and their algorithms to perform advanced statistics, machine learning, or any manner of operation on your data, privately in the cloud, then you exclusively get the results. Your sensitive cannabis data remains private, letting you rest well at night and have the best statistics. Please enjoy the best of both worlds and get in touch with a member of the Cannabis Data Science Team!