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Have no fear, CoADoc is here to get you your data.

Certificate of Analysis Parser

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Your Results

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Custom CoA Parsing

At this time, CoADoc can only parse certificates of analysis (CoAs) from labs and LIMS with validated parsing algorithms. We've validated:

Anresco Laboratories Confident Cannabis
Cannalysis TagLeaf LIMS
Green Leaf Lab
MCR Labs
SC Labs
Sonoma Lab Works
Veda Scientific

If you want your favorite lab or LIMS added, then please email and chances are that they can be included. Alternatively, because Cannlytics is open source, you can clone the source code and write a custom parsing algorithm for your lab or LIMS for free! It is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to add a new lab.


You can integrate rich lab result data into your app with one quick request to the CoADoc API. Given a QR code scanner or any other mechanism to input CoA URLs or PDFs, make a simple request and you will receive your CoA data neatly organized and ready for your use.

Request URL
Request Body
    "urls": [""]

CoADoc Python SDK

Are you interested in developing a new parsing routine for a lab or LIMS? Then you can easily use CoADoc directly with the cannlytics Python package to parse CoAs to your heart's content.

# pip install cannlytics
 from import CoADoc

 # Parse CoA data.
 parser = CoADoc()
 urls = [""]
 data = parser.parse(urls)